Primary Financial Services (PFS) offers our clients the industry’s best blend of compliance and performance. Our focus is fulfilling the management, servicing and operational needs of creditors throughout the entire recovery lifecycle.

Our customized account management program incorporates the most productive recovery practices in the ARM Industry. With hands-on supervision by our management team, we offer comprehensive services adapted to our client’s needs.

First Party Outsourcing

PFS services idle accounts in the name of the creditor. Our customized approach allows for the use of our propriety systems, our clients’ internal collections systems, or a combination of both. PFS offers professional call handling, quality monitory programs, overflow management and customized account holder treatments.

Third Party Recovery

PFS is a results-oriented agency that leverages our management expertise, next generation intuitive technology and performance driven team to continually achieve optimal results to our clients.

Customer Service

PFS flexible customer service solutions provide the resource you need, when you need them. Our customized programs, state-of-the-art technology, and professionally trained staff, ensures seamless integration with your organization.


Our fast and efficient skip trace process improves right party contacts and dramatically improves your portfolio’s performance.


PFS provides a host of in-house services including CCS processing, Deceased Claim Processing, Bankruptcy Validation, Bi-Lingual Portfolio Management and EFT Payment Solutions.